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Target Hardening I

The handbook “Target Hardening - Executive Protection Guidelines for Planning,
Tactics & Procedures” is one of the more interesting close protection books
available on the market. This 190 pages manual is written by a protection
specialist from Sweden, Roland J. Vargoega.

The handbook is the first of a series of three.It consists of 10 chapters. The
information is based on the manual the author’s company uses to teach tactics
and procedures during their courses in Sweden. Very positive and an indicator of professionalism is that the author emphasis on pro-active, low profile tactics,
including protective surveillance. The book is not just a reprint of government
manuals - it seems to be based widely on the author’s experience in the field of
close protection. The tactics described in the book are oriented toward corporate
protection details which are much smaller in number than government teams -
another strong point for this book.

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"If you think it's over, you'd better think again." That's the warning of international security consultant Dr. Stephen Barnhart, co-author of
THE NEW INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM AND POLITICAL VIOLENCE GUIDE. "Criminal Organizations and terrorists are hidden threats, and to assess the nature and seriousness
of such threats is difficult enough with, and especially without access to classified

The information presented in Dr. Barnhart's book is based largely on first-hand experience
gained by the main author (who must remain anonymous), during a long-term posting in
the Balkans which ended in the year 2001. A great percentage of this information is
regarded as "classified and restricted" by official sources such as SFOR, KFOR,
and NATO, as well as American and European intelligence communities. Says Barnhart,
"We have included classified information released by Ex-Government Officials, whose
names, for obvious reasons, cannot be identified."

Incorporating the authors' firsthand experience, the book explores the connections that
organised crime and terrorism may have with the drug trade, religious extremism, and
political motivation, as well as the role that resources and location may have in the
mobilisation of aggressive sentiment. Ideas are presented on ways that criminal activity
may be countered on a world-wide basis, including the formation of global organisations
specifically designed to weed out drug traffickers, Mafia connections, and communities
that may harbour the development of terrorist forces.

Says Barnhart, "This is the most up-to-date information regarding terrorism in the Balkans
and the Middle East. There is even an update which includes additional information
regarding Russia, biological warfare and chemical weapons which is current as of
February 2002."

370 pages;  ISBN 1-55369-243-8; US$29.95

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